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Nov 6, 2012
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Galaxy Flyby

Our new game has just been released on Google Play!

Play it for FREE with no strings attached!

Google Play for Android devices (ver 1.0.3)

Or you can scan the QR code with your Android device to jump to Google Play


Game Details:

Galaxy Flyby is a game where it tests you on the fight or flight response in an interactive action space shooter

Genre: Arcade, Action, Space Shooter, Survival

Objective: Find your way home. Energy is your only resource. Upon 0%, the ship can no longer sustain itself and will explode. Obtain energy by flying into high orbit over planets. Be careful, planets in this region are hostile and will fire upon your ship. If you find the situation too challenging, you may opt to warp away for a more favourable situation.

Note: In orbit mode, all ground forces has to be destroyed and the planet energy is either drained or your ship is 100% charged to leave orbit

The game is a test on your fight or flight response.

Game Features:
- Detailed personal score sheet up to 10 previous high scores.
- Normal Mode: 10 warps/levels
- Survival Mode: Infinite gameplay
- Awesome WebGL effects
- Bonus: Interactive Menu, click on the enemy ships to find out!
- Zero Advert, FREE Game!

Player Controls:
In Main Game:
Move your ship around with a single touch via directional touchpad
Touch button A - to launch bombs
Touch button B - to fire rapid twin cannons
Touch button C - to Warp your ship to next map.

In Orbit:
Move slider up or down to adjust orbiting height
Touch button A - to launch bombs

Game Menu


Personal High Score Sheet


Ingame Screenshot


Version 1.0.3
- Added music. Feel the eerieness of space
- Tweaked sound effects volume
- Added more sound effects
- Added button for sound & music mute or unmute
- Adjusted A B C button spacing
- Tweaked A (bomb) explode radius

Thank you all for taking your time to check out our game and don't forget to rate it on Google Play :)

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