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Galaxy j7 consuming to much memory


New member
May 31, 2017
My j7 has 16gb with a 16gb sd ive transferred my games but it is still telling me 10 out of 16 used and it says ive used 5 system memory used 5 and i have 5 gb available is it my saves on my games thats killing me


Trusted Member
Aug 5, 2015
A well written app/game will let you choose to store the app's data on the SD card. Unfortunately, most apps/games do not meet that definition of well written.

For each app that uses lots of data space (camera, GPS, maps, games...) check the app settings to see if the app lets you pick the SD card as its storage space.

Obviously, you want to have your media files (pictures, music, videos, documents) stored on the SD card.