Galaxy Note 4: Camera focus delay


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Sep 6, 2012
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So apparently I received my first defective phone. Had I not had another one to compare it to, this may have gone by the wayside. While my wife and I were taking pictures at the same time, I began snapping away and she was just sitting there and said that hers was "taking forever to focus". Apparently this had already happened repeatedly and she just thought it was normal. So I did several side by side tests and confirmed that on all settings and lighting conditions, my camera focuses almost instantly while hers takes anywhere from7-10 seconds to focus. After completing a reset and removing the SD card I tried again. Same result. To verify that it isn't a software issue I tried multiple other camera apps and settings including Google camera. Same result. So apparently it is a hardware malfunction. Anyone else experience this or have a remedy other than returning for a replacement? I have only had the phone less than a week so in-store exchange shouldn't be an issue hopefully.

Update: After watching the camera lens on both phones upon activation, you can see the lens retract and focus instantly on my phone while hers is delayed in moving. This is what's causing the blurriness. Back to T-Mo we go.
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