Galaxy Note 4 Stock Email app Previewing attachments.


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Dec 11, 2014
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Hello All

I have spent a lot of time trying to troubleshoot this issue, but have not found a solution. Wonder if anyone can find one.

I use the stock email app on my Galaxy Note 4. Every thing works fine except for previewing the attachments offline, which worked well on my retired Galaxy S3. When the Internet is connected, the preview works, but when disconnected, although I had just previewed it a second ago(with Internet on), it still asks to connect to internet.
Now before anyone says of-course I need Internet to preview, the same app worked offline on my just retired Galaxy S3.

Will explain with some screen shots.

First Galaxy S3
There is an word.doc attachment called bleep number..doc. The progress bar just below it is empty implying it is not downloaded yet.


I clicked on Preview button and the word document opened, which I closed. The progress bar is now blue.


I switch off the internet (note the wifi icon is gone) and click on the preview button , the attachment opens again without needing internet. So I can preview the attachment in offline mode.


The settings for email to retrieve attachments were set to "All" as shown below.


Now Galaxy Note 4 with same email attachment. (I used yahoo account and the IMAP settings are same on both phones.)
I have set to retrieve all attachments as shown below.


When I open the same email attachment with Internet on, it opens with the associated app as shown below.


However as soon as I disconnect the Internet, and when I click on the preview button again, it asks me to connect to Internet, even though I left the app open and I accessed the attachment 5 seconds ago.


This is very frustrating. I do not get good signal coverage at work and trying to access the attachments offline is not possible with my new otherwise fantastic Note 4. Before anyone can suggest clicking download button, yes I can download, however the downloaded file is not linked to email, which means I need to go the download folder and search for the attachment file which is very cumbersome.
I am so used to the stock email app, rather than switching to another app, I wish to know if anyone can figure out the solution to this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance



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Dec 11, 2014
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Following this post, I updated the firmware on my Note 4 using Kies and every thing seems to be in order. I can access the attachments in offline mode too.

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