Galaxy Note 4 turns off by itself and it's difficult to turn it back on


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Oct 10, 2014
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Hello. I have an unlocked Galaxy Note 4 phone which was originally from AT&T(Model N910A or SM-N910A). I'm using it with T-Mobile and is still unlocked.

The problem: it turns off by itself and it's difficult to turn it back on. I have to take out the battery and put it back (sometimes several times) and when it turns on, sometimes gets stuck on the initial screen or it displays the android robot image with a downloading message. Also tried pressing the 3 buttons at once (volume, home and power) until I get a screen that gives the option to complete the booting. (see attached images).

Then if it doesn't start, I have to keep trying the above mentioned options again and again until it finally turns on and it completes the booting. Once is on and I am using it, usually doesn't turn off but when I put it down for a while and later go back to use it, is off again. Very strange.

I also bought a new battery and it doesn't solve the problem. So it's not the battery. Before giving up and change the phone, I have thought to flash it /Restore it to factory settings but I'm not sure what firmware to use: the AT&T (original carrier before unlocking) or the T-Mobile (my current carrier) firmware. I also want to keep it unlocked after the process. I also welcome any other alternate solutions if there are any.

Thanks in advance.

FYI: Here is a video I found in YouTube that it shows how to turn it on. I tried and it works but it doesn't solve the real problem since the phone keeps turning off.


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