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Galaxy Note Edge: Installing system updates flashing at boot [HELP!]

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and one day my phone could not find service. I clicked on mobile networks and got the error "com.android.phone stopped". I changed sims, same issue. Tried the sim in a different phone, worked fine.
I backed up my phone and clicked on factory reset to see if that would fix the issue. After a confirmation my phone switched off then went into the boot screen. In the top left corner it said "RECOVERY BOOTING...", then the screen went black. Five seconds later, the little android guy came up for a split second and underneath him read "Installing system update..." then disappeared. Same thing happened five seconds later. I thought that was odd. I left the phone for the night on charge and in the morning was the same thing so I took the battery out of the phone and took it off charge, put the battery back in and booted. Boot screen, "RECOVERY BOOTING..." then the same old. Please help!