Galaxy note Pro and One Note


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Hey guys,

So I am in school and I absolutely love the galaxy note pro. I currrently have the surface pro 1 but I dont really like it. I only like the surface pro because of One Note.

Currently i know that in one note i can import my slides from the professors onto one note and annotate or type over them. This is the main function I need.

I want the galaxy note pro because its a bit of both school and also i can play games and enjoy some videos without having to deal with full blown windows.

Will the note pro have any apps where i can annotate and type onto an imported powerpoint slide? I really like the idea of one note but currently they do not support inking on android.

Thank you


Oct 8, 2012
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Galaxy devices normally come with Polaris office 5 software. I normally use that on my phone for many tasks at work.

Try it to see if that works the way you need it.

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