Galaxy S20 volume goes to vibrate when making a phone call


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Feb 22, 2022
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I have been racking my brain on this one. Whenever I make a phone call on my galaxy S20 Ultra when I am connected to bluetooth in my car, and also when I use my galaxy buds+ the volume will go to vibrate. I have to push the volume up twice when I finish the call and it goes back to my previous setting. I have a 3rd headset that I usually use for bluetooth and it doesn't happen for that. When I boot my phone to safe mode it does not make the change. I use volume control for some preset volume controls and there is no where in the app that will change the volume. I have unpaired and re-paired my car bluetooth and it still does the same thing. I have wiped the cache on the phone. I don't use bixby routines and even when I click on bixby it asks me to accept all the licenses, which I haven't. So it shouldn't be active.

Any help is greatly appreciated.