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Galaxy S3 Random Battery Drain Issue.


New member
Apr 23, 2014
Hey guys!

I've done some extensive research and tried a lot of options but I've not been able to locate this issue yet. I've had this GS3 for a few weeks now and i've noticed every 2-3 days the battery will start to drain at a rate of 1% ever 4-5 minutes and a simple restart fixes it (Screen off and all apps closed out. This is not a huge issue since I glance at my phone every now and then and am able to catch it before it loses more than a few percentage points. Here are a few things i've noticed:

The drain seems to happen later in the day usually when.
The drain 4/5 times will occur after I switch from 4g to wifi or vice versa.
I have not been able to single out an app yet but i've been trying to keep a note of what apps I use before the drain occurs.

Installed apps:
gmail (auto sync off)
Reddit is Fun
Wakelock Detector

I installed wakelock detector a week ago and started analyzing the stats as soon as a drain starts to occur. I've noticed that NFC service is always red (running) and messaging is as well.
I got a screenshot of the kernel for you guys as well.


I appreciate any help you can offer. The fact that a restart fixes it makes me think it is an app or a service that is causing it so I do not think the phone is faulty. Its not a huge deal, even with this battery drain issue (assuming I catch it) I still get at least 20 hours of charge off this thing with 3-4 hours of screen time.


B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! The next time the battery drain starts, let it happen for a little while, then post a screenshot of the battery stats so we can see what apps or services are using a lot of juice. You might want to install GSam Battery Monitor as well, which can give a more detailed breakdown than the native battery settings.