Galaxy S4 Begins To Start Up, Dies Instantly, Repeat. How Can I Stop This?


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Galaxy S4 Begins To Start Up, Dies Instantly, Repeat

My Samsung Galaxy S4 rebooted while watching something on YouTube. It is now stuck on an endless loop where the initial start up screen that says Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-19506 displays, then disappears, then reappears again. It never gets to the Samsung logo and no lights turn on either in the top corner or the lights for the back button etc. down the bottom of the phone.

If anyone could tell me what is wrong and maybe how to fix it, that would be great

*Also note that I did have to get the LCD fixed in this phone about 6 months ago. Unless it is a problem caused by the fixing job, can't see how this is relevant

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Galaxy S4 Begins To Start Up, Dies Instantly, Repeat

Welcome to Android Central! First, try forcing a shutdown by pulling the battery for 10 seconds, then reinserting it and then plugging the phone into your wall outlet. Let it charge for 4-6 hours. Now try powering on again.

If it still bootloops, try a different battery. It could be that the battery can no longer hold an adequate charge, and can never quite finish the boot sequence.

If this happens with other batteries, then it may be a faulty Power button. You'd have to bring it to a repair shop to check.