Galaxy S4 Intermittent Screen Touch-Response Problem - Software or Hardware?


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Sep 6, 2017
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I have bought a Galaxy S4 for my dad. I have one of my own already. Mine is great. It was bought second-hand from Amazon. The second one is a fully refurbished handset from Amazon. I have compared the two.

The second handset occasionally will not register my finger-touch.

Example 1: When I swipe across sideways from the home screen to the four other screens, every four to six swipes it will not swipe when I swipe it. I have to give it a few more swipes before it will do anything.

Example 2: When I am tapping to select an option, I often have to tap a number of times before it will register the tap.

Example 3: When I am typing, it will not type all the letters I hit on the keyboard. Interesting note is that the haptic feedback will buzz for each tap, even if a letter is not produced.

I have tried:

- Removing and returning the battery
- Restarting the phone
- Using safe mode (problem persists)
- Clearing the cache
- Clearing the RAM
- Closing all the applications

The phone is not full and I cannot see any mad apps.

When the touch is registered by the phone, it is fine; it is quick, responsive, and not laggy at all. The phone is nice and speedy. The OS is up-to-date and the same version as my first S4.

Does anyone know what might be causing this problem, and what I can do to resolve it please? I'm hoping to have it sorted by mid-September for my dad's anniversary...

Many thanks in advance,

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