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Galaxy S4: issue after 4.4.4 update


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Nov 24, 2014
I have an Samsung Galaxy s4 on AT&T. Yesterday I updated my phone to the 4.4.4 kitkat. Now my phone constantly freezes and my sound doesn't really work. It works every now and then. Like, when I cut it off, the sound works when the little at&t intro comes on. It'll work a few minutes after that but eventually stops. Restating works temporarily. apps won't have sound, I can't play music, it won't ring, phone calls . It doesn't even vibrate. I've checked everything. My sound is up completely. Please help.
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Jul 6, 2013
You will need to do a factory data reset. I would back up all of your stuff to Gmail (contacts, photos, etc). Then you would go to Settings > Backup and reset, then click Factory Data Reset. This will delete everything on your phone except for the files that run it....it will be just like as if it were new out of the box. It's likely the new update didn't gel well with your current set up. So from here you will just reset and then rebuild everything on the foundation of the new update. If this doesn't work, I would be looking into a replacement device real soon.

Boom! From My S5


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Mar 17, 2014
No it won't return your phone to previous version. The OP is telling you that sometimes an ota update may not install correctly if some apps are doing whatever. Try clearing cache first. Have you rebooted yet?

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