Galaxy S4: NFC not working anymore?


Nov 16, 2013
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I had a problem with my Galaxy S4 where it kept randomly turning off and I couldn't boot it back up unless I plugged it in. Found out it was the battery so I replaced it today but now I've noticed NFC no longer works. I have NFC tags and I went to use one and it didn't work. I tried wiping the tag but it still didn't recognize the tag.

Any ideas on why it is no longer working with the new battery? NFC is turned on and it also says Near Field Communication on the battery too.


Just had a look on the back of the new and old battery and the old one says, B600BE on it the new one says B600BC. I take it that means it's the wrong battery?
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Aug 21, 2014
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Sorry for my terrible english, but i'm a Hungaryan guy.

I have an idea : my new battery is B600BC but the problem is not the battery, just the battery tape!!!
Yes the battery covered tape is shadowing this NFC antenna which is under the tape!
I'm just firmly tear off the Samsung labelled tape cover and the NFC start working quickly!
Maybe the SAMSUNG labelled tape has contain a lot of aluminium or mettalic and shadowing the antenna!!!

Hi! Peter from Hungary.