galaxy s4 screen started glitching then went black!


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Jul 20, 2014
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Last night i was at a party just enjoying myself and i was sitting in the hottub my phone was in my hand but never got wet, and i was just sitting their talking to my buddys and my phones screen starting glitching really bad it had a bunch of micro lines just flashing and all the sudden my phone faded out and went black and now the screen isnt working at all my phone turns on and the led lights on the top still work like it shows red when charging and blue for notifications and sound works when i try to turn it on but the screen just isnt working, ive had it sitting in rice for a couple hours now. what do you guys think could have happened? idk if moisture would do that to my phone but my phone never got wet! any answers to why this might have happened?! thanks! the phone is only 2 months old!