Galaxy S4 stuck in odin mode


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A while back I tried to root my galaxy s4 and it was unsuccessful. The phone would get stuck in odin mode. It said please wait downloading tangent and nothing happened. I figured out holding volume down home and power would get me to a warning screen saying installing a a new rom was dangerous blah blah press volume up to continue (it would get stuck again with the same message) or volume down to cancel and start phone normally. Volume down worked, phone booted up, no problems since. I unrooted from superuser and uninstalled all the apps associated with my root process. Now my sound won't work. I cant hear my alarm, ringtone, or videos that play. Headphones work but sound out of the back speaker does not. When I tried to reset cahce by holding power, volume up, and home, it get's stuck in odin mode with the message like before. It also tries to get me to do a software update everyday. I tried to download it but then when the phone restarted, guess what? Stuck in odin mode with the supid message. Is there a way to just factory reset the phone and make it like I never tried to root it? I don't care if it wipes all my messages and contacts.

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