Galaxy S5 Active Dead Screen, what can I do?


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Galaxy S5 Active Dead Screen

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I have a Galaxy S5 Active; it's about 5 months old, and the screen has been cracked (fell off my dryer onto my laminate floor) since 2 weeks after I received the phone. However, the phone has worked perfectly. This morning, I had the phone in my hand, and it hit the gearshift/console in my car (obviously, not a hard hit or a far drop). I was shaking because I having a disagreement with my neighbor. So, the phone restarts (like normal when it hits something hard) and I come in my house. I try to wake the phone and call my landlord, and the screen will not come on. I've tried everything that I can possible find on Google. I've taken the battery out, I've held the power button, I've held the 3 combo buttons (home, power, and volume) and nothing. When I turn the phone on, it plays the normal jingle & shows "Samsung Galaxy S5 Active", but the screen is about half the size as normal, is green, and has lines running through it. All of the buttons on the phone work, as does the sound, and you can press the power button and see the home screen (again, green screen with lines) for about literally 1 second, and then it goes away. I have NO clue what is wrong. I called Samsung and they just said that I can send it in and fix it, but they seemed more concerned about the previous cracked screen than the current issue. Can someone help, please?


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Apr 17, 2012
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Re: Galaxy S5 Active Dead Screen

I would try taking it to a local repair shop and seeing if they can give you a quote for a new screen.

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