Galaxy S5 Active Won't Upload Photos from Gallery, why?


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Galaxy S5 Active Won't Upload Photos from Gallery

All of a sudden, my S5 active (AT&T) will not upload any photo when selected initially from the gallery app. It does not matter if I am trying to send it to Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. The phone sit there and tries to upload for about 2-3 minutes before giving me a "network error" and asking if I want to retry or cancel. If you let it retry, it will continue to retry for as long as it is allowed which is killing the battery and data usage.

Every time this happens, I have full cell 4G LTE service. I can open Facebook (app or mobile site), for example, and upload the photo from there with no issues. It's only when selecting share from the Gallery default app.

The problem is intermittent on WiFi but consistent on network data. I've cleared the cache and all data info from both apps, this made it work for about an hour before going back to the error messages.