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Galaxy s5 wont charge


AC Question

My phone was near dead and I plugged it into the charger and I soon noticed that it wasn't charging. I tried all combinations of places to plug it in, including my pc. I used multiple power bricks and cables. I used a usb 3.0 plug that came with the phone and normal usb chargers. I kept messing with it and couldn't get it to charge so it died. I kept trying and somehow managed to get it to charge to 12 percent while it was totally off with a regular usb charger. Once I turned the phone on however, it stopped charging. I turned it back off and plugged it into my pc with the same charging cable and there was some haptic feedback and then a grey battery with a white lightning bolt came up and then went away. This bolt comes back along with the small vibration every few seconds and then goes away again. I tried plugging the charger that came with it into the computer while it was on and the phone acted as if it were charging for just a moment (literally a split second), before it stopped charging again. It is still off and plugged into my pc with the flashing battery lightning bolt thing, and not gaining any charge. What should i do?


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Jun 10, 2014
There may be dirt in or damage to the USB port connector, among other possibilities. It may be best to take it to a repairer if you can't fix it yourself.

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May 19, 2013
In my experience USB ports have a relatively short life span. It shouldn't be too expensive to replace at a repair store.