Galaxy S6 4 years old going strong, but the battery is shot. help!


May 7, 2015
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My Samsung Galaxy S6 is almost four years old and still working strong! The brain of my phone has kept up very well over the past four years. (Good job Samsung.)

The one problem being the battery. With minimal use the battery holds on its own. The moment I start making calls, playing games, or watching videos. The battery drains pretty quickly.

I am so worried and afraid about taking it to a "Samsung verified store" to have the battery replaced because I am worried about the battery they are using and if it will just not work right. I want to purchase my own battery so I know it's not fake. BUT every single time I contacted Samsung about buying a replacement battery they assumed I was attempting to change it myself and refused to tell me anymore info. I am NOT replacing it myself. I care about this phone and I need to know exactly what they are putting in it. I am also worried they will break my phone or not seal it up properly. Too many worries and questions, thanks for reading if you made it through all of this.

I just want opinions on if it's safe to change the battery. I don't trust these verified stores and I want to take it to an actual Samsung store that does replacements.

Why is it the only info I can find online from Samsung is that it will cost roughly $45 dollars for a new battery but nowhere does it say where to buy! I am just stressed and can't afford a new phone.

Are these verified stores even held liable if they replace the battery and say the battery swells and ruins my phone? Too many worries.
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B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I moved this from the Galaxy S forum (for the ancient original Galaxy S) to the S6 forum.

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