Galaxy S6 edge fingerprint scanner - can't add fingerprint (+1 other problem)


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Just recently when I tried to add a new fingerprinted i noticed that it doesn't work anymore. When I choose "add fingerprint" I'm stuck on the screen that shows a drawn phone and hand and that explains how to place your finger. Even when I try to place my finger just as shown on the picture nothing happens, it doesn't go to the next screen to save the fingerprint. I think it's a software issue because i've got other fingerprints saved and they do work when I have to open my phone.
My other problem is related to the camera. When i'm on the camera of the phone and i click on the settings icon, the settings page opens but almost instantly closes and it goes back to the camera. I can't change my settings and that's quite annoying.
I'm under android 5.1.1 with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you will have answers to my questions ^_^

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