Galaxy S6 user needing advice

Brandon Kick

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Aug 17, 2018
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I have a galaxy S6 currently on the VZW network. It's been a pretty decent phone, as I bought it refurbished in Feb of 2016 for $300. For 2.5 years of use, it's done pretty well.

BUT lately that has gone south. The battery life has been bad for almost a year now, and lately it's been getting really bad. I've even tweaked the phone down pretty far in terms of things that eat battery (push notifications all disabled, wifi usually turned off, blutooth off, gps location services usually off, screen somewhat dim... and so on).

I'm a pretty casual user in terms of "smart" functionalities and don't really call or text all that much in a day (maybe 10-20 texts on average and less than 10 min of call time on a daily basis). I don't watch youtube on my phone, I don't stream music, I rarely check my email. I barely use the phone for much more than you can do on an old school flip phone. Yet... I do need to have the ability to do those things all the time for one or two reasons. The point is, my phone is used VERY lightly... yet is pretty much drained after a day and if it has any kind of moderate use I won't get a day out of it. It won't fast charge any more it seems.

It's also gotten pretty laggy on a few apps. I normally do a bit of casual facebook surfing before bed... that seems to crank my battery nearly 1% per min. Maybe 1% per 2 min. The FB app itself is laggy on my phone, and can be glitchy.

So I don't know what to do. On one hand, I have a VERY hard time spending $700 - $1000 on a phone. I'd love a Note 9, but I'd never pay $1000 for one. If I could get my phone "good enough" in terms of battery life and stopping it's acting up with certain apps... I'd be happy to keep it. I'm not convinced I can find a worthwhile battery replacement. Most seem to be cheap Chinese junk, or used pulls that are as old or older than the battery already in the phone. Every battery phone case I see on Amazon for this phone has horror stories about the battery swelling, or the case falling apart.

I am considering a new phone in the $200 - $300 price range. I kinda like the Moto G6 or the Moto X4. I'm wondering though, if I might be better off waiting a few months? I just don't know if anything good is coming soon in that price range.

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