Galaxy S7 continues micro USB (No USB-C)


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May 12, 2014
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Because of the missing USB 3.x interface on the S7 - 4K video transfer can go as high as from 20 minutes (USB 3) to 2.5 hours (USB 2) - or for just 64 GB from 10 minutes (USB 3.x) to 1 hours and 20 minutes (USB 2)!!!!!

BTW A proper 4K video certified card should read "U3" (U3 is UHS standard class for 4K video support on SD cards, i.e. read/write speeds)

Buy a Huawei P9 instead - or may be a Lumia 950XL.

4K video support also includes the ability to move 4K video off the phone - without having to disassemble the phone.

I just bought this phone to have an option for Android! I discovered this look for USB3 support - i.e a cable and just checking its USB spec! USB 2.0!!!!! *WTF*

What a crap USB 2.0 interface for 4K video! What a laugh! No wonder Samsung removed the Android 6.0 option to make the SD card an encrypted extension of the internale storage! Just so you can disassemble the S7 and remove the SD card for transferring files as a workarround!

So is the many S7 reviews biased since nobody seems to give proper attention to lack of proper support for 4K video? I read a lot - and nobody put focus on it as an important - if not very important missing feature for 4K video and class U3 SDcard support! (unless you search for review including specific discussions of the missing USB 3 support) Especially the lack of a proper USB interface for moving 4K video.

4K video means you defintely need to use 32gb-64gb (or may be even 128 GB cards) ... using the S7 features of 4K or slow-mo will fill up you 32 gb card or internal storage in minutes.

The micro usb 2.0 interface nobody seems to critisize very hard means Samsung increased transfer speeds for 4K video from about 5 minutes (USB3 / 200 mb/s SD-card) to about 40 minutes for 32GB sd-cards.

For 64 GB that would double to 10 minutes for USB 3 - or 1 hour and 20 minutes for USB 2!!!!!

For 128 GB that would go from 20 minutes to an unbeliveable over 2.5 hours for the S7!

I bought this phone to supplement or may be replace my Lumia 950 XL. Superfast - and Microsoft just corrected the worst software bugs. Soon, at the end of this month the Lumia 950XL will have it infamous bluetooth stack (extremely bad sound quality) upgraded with Redstone. So fixed! Thx Microsoft.

However, who will fix the f...... hardware problems on this phone! I can not use this piece of crap now.

Funny, I was about to discard the Microsoft phone as I go with Android. I migrated the SMS between the phones even. No problem. Up to 1000 USB for MS hardware ... no way. So better Android and Samsung? Just did!

Now, no way!!! Because hardware problems - and much worse (close to unsolveable - i.e. action required is replace phone), rather than software problems.

I'll keep this phone - the S7- and wait the Surface phone from MS. I have exactly the same apps from my Windows phone 10. Execept a Lumix app for a 4K Panasonic Lumix photo device - and a IPcam app with better device support for an unbranded app (allthough this app looks and behave like public domain software from the 80'ties).

The Google integration is better on Android ("naturally") - but the UI and front is still mostly provisioned with OneDrive, Outlook, MS Office etc.

Google maps does not work much better than on Windows Phone 10 BTW ... and Here Maps for car nav is completely just as crappy as on Windows Phone 10 and be discarded on Android (do not use it). So no worries it is removed from Windows Phone 10.

By a dedicated device instead from Garmin. Those device has come a longer way than the cheap software apps.

Good luck!

What a disappointment with the lack of USB 3!

I had to remove the card this time to get rid of 40 minutes of transfer time - went down to 5 minutes with USB 3. 32 gb of 4K video. I.e. a few minutes.

But no way I am going to take the SD card out ... again and again ... and eventually damage the carrier tray for the SIM + SD card.

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