Galaxy S7 Edge Brightness Issue

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I have a Brightness Issue with my Galaxy S7 Edge 😓, The Auto Brightness is turned off but the screen dims, I use Manual Brightness to the maximum but it doesn't allow me to keep it, 😥
and if i flash a light on the sensor (or use it in the sun) it becomes brighter, I don't want that.. it's like Auto Brightness. I want to use Manual Brightness at maximum, Or if there's a trick to use Auto Brightness at maximum and keep it like Manual Brightness not changing that would be better (Because it's brighter than Manual) 😍, I don't care about Battery Life.. 🙄 I want to use the maximum brightness possible and not have it changed by itself ☺️

I read on that you need root + deodexed rom to replace services.jar
I know how to root, But what is deodexed rom? 😰😧

Can anyone here help me? 😭 I would really appreciate it 🤕