Galaxy S7 says I have 4G, but can't get on the internet

Preston Suess

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Aug 26, 2018
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As the title says, my S7 will say I have a strong 4G connection (3-5 bars) while I'm in the city. But for some reason the connection is either incredibly slow, or I just can't connect at all. My wifi works fine, and for some reason this only happens when I'm in Minneapolis (I haven't had this problem anywhere else I've gone, which is odd). My provider is U.S. Cellular, and their coverage map definitely shows that the city is covered. Any ideas? No one else I know has an issue so it's probably a problem on my end, but it's weird that it only happens when I'm in a specific city.


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Feb 12, 2012
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1. Coverage maps are jokes, not facts. Don;t ever bet your life on one. They test a few "representative" places, but a whole house can be a dead spot and they'd never know. (Back in about 2004, we had a whole village that had absolutely no Nextel signal - but the coverage map showed it covered like a blanket.)

2. If it's around 8:30-9 AM, or 4:30-6:30 PM, your internet speed will make a dead snail seem fast. They're a small carrier, they don't have huge connections to the internet. (The larger the connection, the more they have to pay for it - every month. If the connection they have works fine 20 hours a day, they consider that okay.)

I doubt that it's a problem on your end because, as you say, it happens only in a particular city. The problem is that evidently US Cellular doesn't cover the area(s) of Minneapolis you happen to be in. And, unless you live in the middle of a spot like that, there's not a thing you can do about it. (If you did, they've been taking your money without providing you with service, and your address should have told them that they couldn't, so you could probably get back all the money you ever paid them. And switch to another carrier, of course.)

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