Galaxy S7, using update to Oreo. device maintenance warning for one app using too much processor.

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I’m using the Oreo update of June18 on my Galaxy S7. And I have anti virus program, Secure Anywhere, running in the background.
I get a processor warning showing Secure Anywhere is using too much processor and it wants me to close the app. That’s not going to happen.
How do I stop the device maintenance from giving me that warning? Does device maintenance not learn or offer exceptions?
I have already turned off the battery warning in device maintenance but I don’t see any other place to opt out of its “service.”
Since I use the anti virus program on a family of devices, I want to keep that. Any ideas on stopping the annoying warnings?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Uninstall Secure Anywhere and install an antivirus app that doesn't use too much processor. There are only about 4 or 5 of them and you only need one. (Reading their writeup of their app sounds like "too good to be true" - so it probably is. After all, Cheetah Mobile swears that their apps are the greatest too [and they're the worst]. The app says "continuous protection without battery drain, interruptions or slowdowns" - your phone is telling you that it's not true. And "continuous protection without battery drain" is a violation of the laws of physics - it's free power.)

(I'm running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, an antivirus app, a call blocker, and my CPU idles [it almost dies it's being used so little]. My antivirus warns me about bad sites [so does Chrome itself] and the only reason I want more call blocking than is inherent in Android is because I want RegEx - like "block any call coming from a number starting with 8, then a repeating digit either 0 or from 2 to 8 [822 is slated to go into effect]. That's difficult in one line in most call blockers, unless they do Regex.)