Galaxy S7 Won't stop tiny vibrations

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My phone updated to Android Oreo tonight. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 on Sprint. After the update, I have had trouble getting past the lock screen (have to go directly to the camera or phone and THEN go to the homescreen, and rarely can go straight to the home screen directly). When I do get the phone to boot all the way, it does tiny little vibrations every few seconds and it is quite annoying. Many times I have a notification that says Samsung DM is searching for service (or something to that affect, I don't have the notification currently). I have attempted to reboot to recovery mode and get a little android that says it is attempting to install an update, but that appears to fail and I get a NO COMMAND screen. Another reboot attempt gets me to recovery mode where I have been able to wipe the cache.

Android Version 8.0.0
Samsung Experience Version 9.0

Is there anything else I can do short of a factory reset?