Galaxy S8 turning itself off when the phone is at sleep after a possible water damage

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I went to pool with my phone just to take underwater pictures. The phone was fine during and after taking pictures but when i got home i went through my pictures then i put my phone on the table. When i came back, I noticed the always on display wasn't there, i pressed the power button, the phone had shut itself down. I restarted it, it did boot up. I used it and put it back. But then again it turned off when the display had gone off. And this happens everytime i turn it on. The phone works fine when the display is on but it goes off when the phone is sleeping (without vibrating, like a monitor goes off when power cord is pulled out.) The phone charges fine. Since i had tapped most of the holes so that water doesn't go inside. Then i opened my sim port, water had gone inside it. the water damage indicator inside the sim port had turned red. i dried the sim port using my laptop cpu fan by running at full speed for 15 minutes. The phone Still turns on, charges too but turns off when the phone is at sleep. Please help. I had put it in a bag of rice. Help!!! The phone never turns off when the screen is on, it instantly turns off when you lock the screen or when the screen is at Always on display.


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Jul 30, 2018
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The problem with water inside the phone is that the circuit boards will start to corrode. Some say that there are methods that you can try to dry it out, but you still have no idea how much corrosion is continuing to take place. I would recommend that you urgently get the phone to a competent repairman for a complete strip down and clean.

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