Galaxy tab 3 smt210r brown 7.0" will not stay in odin mode


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Dec 1, 2014
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Hello everyone and maybe someone can shed some light on this subject. This problem may be beyond hope but maybe you or someone here may have a suggestion that might work. I really need to know if this could be a hardware issue then it will need to go back to the Samsung service center.
Problem is that it tries to boot but twice and every time 2 times it repeats to the SAMSUNG TAB 3 LOGO then shuts off. I try the recovery mode and it does not get there. But when I go to the ODIN download mode, it gets there for a second or two then shuts off as well. I try to get it to stay by pressing the up volume button but it still shuts off. The funny thing is I can unplug the on/off button, unplug the battery, replug it back in and it turns on by itself and goes on to the SAMSUNG TAB 3 LOGO, twice before shutting off. That is why I think it would be a hardware issue instead of software. Anyone chime in on this bizarre behavior would be very much appreciated.:-\

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