Galaxy Tab A - Formatted SD Card as Internal Storage but apps not on card


AC Question


I used ADB with the shell and did the command "sm partition disk:179,32 mixed 10" to make my sd card an internal card. I rebooted my tablet using adb and now it shows

Internal Storage - 16 gb size
SD Card - I believe it is a 64GB card - this currently says 5.84 gb used of 53.24 GB... but from what I understand the Settings calculations of storage is inaccurate when making my external part of internal storage, or merged if you will.
Portable Storage:
SD Card
- I made 10 percent of the SD card available so that my computer could still recognize the sd card to be able to transfer music to the tablet.

The tablet is not rooted. I followed Root Essentials' guide that popped up when I tried to hit "adopt" for the sd card:

1. Download adb on your pc.
2. Backup your data.
3. Open a terminal/cmd on your pc and type sm list-disks.
4. Now type sm partition <disk> mixed <value>, where <disk> is your selected disk in the previous command, and <value> is how much percent should stay as external storage. To use everything as internal use this command instead [removed since I'm not using this]
5. Wait for some time, and when the command is finished, type reboot. [I did this and it rebooted my tablet.]

So, I have two issues here.

1.) How do I get accurate statistics for storage allocation? I tried downloading FreeSpace, but it doesn't look right to me and it also is just a viewer, it doesn't allow you to move files.

2.) How do I move an installed app that is actually in internal storage to the sd card portion of the now merged storage? Using "My Files" which is the default built in file manager for Tab A, it can't differentiate between the merged card and internal, so there's no way to tell where internal ends and external begins.

So I wanted to move GTAVC but it shows the gtavc game files under internal storage and the only other storage location is SD card, which is now the extra partition I created for putting music. (the "mixed 10" part of the aforementioned partitioning I did)

At first, I tried moving the GTAVC files to this partition, which I realized actually moved it to the pc-readable storage area and NOT to the merged internal storage portion, if that makes sense. So, effectively, it didn't put gtavc on the now expanded internal but put it on the secondary partition for music files.

What am I doing wrong? Any app suggestions? Can I use Root Essentials somehow?

Would greatly appreciate any help here, as I am stuck and don't know what to do at this point.

I think that if I continue to try to install apps, the Play Store is going to assume to install to actual internal storage and I'll end up with the "insufficient storage space" error - and then I would need to move the app to SD Card, but I won't be able to because I don't know which portion of the merged storage is the SD Card part, if that makes sense.

Right now, Max Payne is in the merged card storage area.

Mid-post edit:

I tried to uninstall and reinstall GTAVC, hoping that it'd put it into external storage... if I use Root Essentials and use the browser, I have : asdcard\android\obb\ . Inside her ethere is an entry for both Max Payne and gtavc! So I guess it is in the merge portion of internal storage? However, if I go to Settings>storage>SD card>use space>apps, I see Max Payne there... but not GTAVC. Weird. But again, settings is not reliable right?