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Galaxy Tab S6 says it's charging connected camera - need it to STOP


New member
Jun 18, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Android 12. I'm not sure if this is an Android problem, a Tab S6 problem, or smoke from the software company...

I’m connecting a Sony Alpha 1 digital camera to the tablet, running Helicon Remote on the tablet. Camera sees the tablet, tablet sees the camera. Helicon Remote doesn’t appear to be talking to the tablet software.

According to the people who make the software, for the camera and tablet and software to work together, the tablet CANNOT be attempting to charge the camera. Every time I cable the camera and tablet together, the tablet Notifications SAY the tablet is “Charging connected device via USB”.

I’m not sure this actually IS the problem, but it’s the reason they keep giving me for things not working. I've found some other discussions about things either charging when not wanted or NOT charging when wanted, but I haven't found anything so far to help with this...

Is there a way, either Developer options or some other way, to absolutely make Android 12 on the tablet NOT try to charge the camera?