Galaxy Tablet E issues moving photos.


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Aug 5, 2019
I have had this tablet for over a year now, I haven't had any issues with moving photos into newly created folders, last night I was in the middle of moving photos around, and it suddenly stopped. It won't work, saying "unable to move." I've tried restarting it, and making sure in developers options, keep the do not keep activites tab off, because others online said this would possibly help. Mine was already off. I can't seem to find another solution. So, I am seeking help here.


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Dec 6, 2011
Have you checked your available space? It sounds like you don't have enough memory to move the files. If you are trying to move large numbers of files at the same time your available space may be too small to handle the transition. You might also try clearing your clipboard. Not knowing what app you are using, where or how you are trying to move these files makes giving more specific advice guesswork but if it turns out that you have plenty of memory available but still are not able to move files some general things you could try are;

Clearing the cache for your file manager (if you are using one), your gallery app or Google Photos app (which ever is in use or both just because) and you say you tried restarting "it" if it is the app try restarting the tab. Actually shut it off and then manually power it back on. Restarting the device often clears caches and fully closes apps, but for some devices this is more efficient if the device is asked to completely power down and then is started again, which I recommend.

You can also clear the data for these apps, which should just empty the trash and get rid of temp files for the app. You shouldn't loose any photos or other data but you may have to sign in again. Or you can just go to the trash folder and empty it manually. Sometimes however it takes awhile for the additional space to be recognized so if you go this route give it 10 to 30 minutes before expecting results.

If you would like to register an account here at Android Central to reply in this thread and offer any other details or seek more advice because these suggestions didn't work for you please come join us. Having a two way conversation is the best way to get advice.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Also, are you trying to move them to or from an SD card? If so, the card could be corrupt or otherwise failing. Try using a different card.

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