GalaxyS8 battery depleted won't charge and won't turn on (I tried all the reboots)

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Unfortunately, yesterday I didn't have my charger at the moment and my Android's battery died. When I got home I wouldn't turn on straight away after plugging it in and I just assumed it needed time to charge, but I left it overnight and it still wont turn on. I tried all the system reboots I found online (pressing power + volume keys, pressing volume + power + bixby button, plugging it in my computer USB port and waiting 30 minutes before trying the reboot) still nothing. My phone was acting excellent and hadn't given me any problems so I'm so confused as to what might happen. In addition, the battery was replaced about two months ago so it's practically new. I'm planning on taking it to the repair shop once they open but if anyone has been throught this experience any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Samsung Galaxy S8

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Did you try keeping the Power button pressed for at least 30 seconds? (Time it, since 30 seconds seems like forever.)