Gallery App "Collections" folder seriously messed up. How do I fix it?


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Apr 6, 2016
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Hey Guys, I am having a really big problem in my "Gallery" app on my OnePlus 7T. I recently migrated to iOS and then back to Android after I realized my application wouldn't work on IOS. I used a 3rd party program to successfully move all my WhatsApp content over. I don't know if the migration is related to my problem, but I thought I'd point that out.

The issue I'm having is under Gallery/App collections, ALL my WhatsApp photos & videos that were ever sent or received are severely unorganized. Each photo I've practically ever sent on the app is its own "collection". For example, if I sent 1 photo or received a photo from a person that shows up as an individual "collection" with the title along the lines of "0" "1" "2" "3" "c" etc. This never used to happen. Before, ALL my WhatsApp media was automatically stored in a single app collection called "WhatsApp Images". Now I have over 500+ "collections".

Is there a way to fix this? Can I plug my phone into my computer and manually move all the photos into the single default WhatsApp folder "Whatsap Images"? I took a few recent photos and it appears that all new media is correctly going to the folder. So, I'm guessing that maybe the 3rd party migration software somehow did this.


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