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Galxy s8 files corrupting on SD card


AC Question

I have a Galaxy S8.

I bought a micro SD card from eBay and it is just first unbranded one I have ever actually bought.

I'm not sure whether it's the phone or micro SD card but files just randomly corrupt and it often is the recent ones I'm adding now. I add a song, it plays, then suddenly it stops paying and says the audio file isn't supported. I tried moving all the songs from my phone to the SD card and half of them didn't play. I had to keep re-adding them. Even then, some corrupted.

I know it isn't just music as my recent photos automatically sent to my SD card and they corrupted too. I've now ordered a smaller amount of 64gb which is a Samsung evo. This is 128gb which was 11 pounds. The Samsung one was 11 pounds for half the size, but it's of course a proper brand.

Do you guys think it's the SD card or are any of you experiencing this?


Oct 8, 2012
Hello there!
It's always difficult to know which one is at fault without more testing.
However, an unbranded SD card is always very suspicious. That's why many of us prefer to stick with name brands.
I've had many Samsung phones and never had a problem with the SD cards I've used on them. Well, the GS6 edge didn't have one.
Give the new Samsung SD card a good testing with files you don't care about, just to see what happens.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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