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Mar 25, 2014
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Play real-time multiplayer trivia right now! Acquire and use battle items to blast your way to the head of the pack! Battle Trivia is free to play and all non-cosmetic content can be unlocked without spending any money. Play with over 14,000 unique and exciting trivia questions, with new questions added every day.

✪ 14,000+ questions and counting
✪ Wide range of question topics with something for everyone
✪ Variety of answer types like: Multiple Choice, Matching, Multiple Answers, Ordering, Word Jumble, and Word Scramble
✪ Tons of picture questions in addition to standard questions
✪ Use battle items to attack opponents and give yourself bonuses
✪ Categories are chosen at random or by vote, so no single expertise is favored
✪ Up to 5 players in real-time battle multiplayer
✪ Challenge your friends to a live game
✪ Single player mode also available
✪ Get a premium experience for free! Ads can be permanently removed from your account simply by playing enough games.

I would really appreciate any comments. If you post something constructive and include your in-game username, I'll unlock the exclusive Beta Tester avatar for your account.

Here's what I currently have planned for new features:
✮ More avatars and achievements
✮ More music
✮ More Battle Items
✮ Integrated friend invite system
✮ Skip question in single player mode

And these are unofficial planned updates:
✮ Lock in vote so you don't have to vote each question
✮ Cosmetic improvements on a few of the avatars
✮ Larger avatars for larger screens

Download from the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yeticrabventures.battletrivia1

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