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May 20, 2012
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- Border Lines HD Free 1.0.4-

The goal is to capture at least 80% of the enemy territory and all the yellow/green energy sources.
To capture a territory you must split the enemy area in two. The area which does not contain the main enemy boss is considered conquered by you.
If any turrets, interceptors or power-ups(crates) are in that area, those are captured or destroyed.
The entire area is surrounded by a green powered line. When your ship follows this line you are protected by a shield impassable by enemy ships or missiles.
To move you ship along the lines just swipe you finger in the desired direction.

Move your finger on the screen in the direction you want the ship to move.
Hold down your finger during movement for the ship to move continuously.
By lifting up your finger the ship will stop.
Swiping the screen the will make the ship move continuously in that direction.
Keep your ship on the green lines and it will be protected by a shield.
When you start cutting or the shield timer reaches 0 your ship is vulnerable.

Ship's Log:
- 21 May 2015 : an alien scout ship entered earth atmosphere and was captured
- 5 Jul 2015 : part of the ship's logs have been decrypted and revealed future attack plans on earth
- 16 Oct 2016 : hundreds of wormholes have been discovered at the edge of our solar system leading to different corners of our universe
- 25 Oct 2016 : the wormholes are intended to be used as launch pads for future attacks on earth
- 20 Aug 2017 : probes were sent through some wormholes and discovered sources of great power which kept the wormholes opened
- 10 Apr 2018 : scientists built a defense grid impassable by the alien ships
- 28 Apr 2018 : in order to work the grid has to be powered by those energy sources discovered in the wormhole
- 1 Dec 2018 : a strike force was prepared to retrieve all the energy sources required

Features :
- Two fantastic campaigns with 10 levels each
- One single scenario with 5 levels
- Hard to kill bosses for each level with various missiles
- Turrets and small interceptor enemy ships that protect their territory
- Blazing fire obstacles, impassable by you, which stand in your way
- Power-up to enhance you ship but also power-downs to enhance the enemies
- Power ups !!!
-- Extra points (500, 1000, 2000, 5000)
-- Extra shield time (30, 60, 90, 120 sec)
-- Fast ship (your ship moves twice as fast)
-- Freeze enemy (enemies freeze for 15 sec)
-- Slow enemy (enemies slow down for 15 sec)
-- Smaller enemy (enemies are reduced in size)
-- Cannon (you can shot enemy interceptors)
-- Torpedo (you can shot enemy bosses)
-- Extra life
- Power downs !!!
-- Fast enemy (enemies moves twice as fast)
-- Freeze ship (your ship freezes for 15 sec)
-- Slow ship (your ship slows down for 15 sec)
-- Bigger enemy (enemies are enlarged in size)

Inspired by Qix ( Quix ), Volfied, Jezzball, Trap!, Barrack or KBounce but way better!
Those who played other popular arcade games such as Asteroids, Snake, Space Invaders, PacMan and Arkanoid (Breakout),JezzBall Classic or even Pong will find Border Lines HD both challenging and enjoyable.

Angry birds is so overrated ... try this game :)

Google play : play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ro.borderLines

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May 20, 2012
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version 1.2.0
- 3 campaigns with 10 levels each
- One single scenario with 20 levels
- Pro Account - also gives the possibility to play finished campaign missions in single mode, 120 hours of slowness for enemies and speed for your ship + 50 extra lives and many more
- Extra Lives which can be used to continue a mission in which you loose all normal lives, without losing progress
- An Upgrades Store : Slowness for enemies and Extra Speed for your ship