[GAME][FREE][2.2+] Lab Panic 1.0 - Addictive New Game

Kobus Kleynhans

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Mar 25, 2014
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LabPanicIconSmall.pngLab Panic

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Sam the maintenance bot has been assigned to the liquid containment facility. His only job, contain the liquid.
Sam spent most his days peacefully trickle charging on his charging station. He has often thought himself fortunate to have been assigned to the super secret chemical lab, or at least that's what his simple AI routines led him to believe.
Unlike his counterparts stationed around the world, it has been days since a chemical leak has occurred.

Until now....

This is not a Flappy Bird Clone.
Lab Panic is a totally unique gaming experience with easy on screen controls.
Lab Panic is completely free to play.

-Left & Right Arrows: Move Sam left and right
-Left & Right Dump Buttons: Dump any liquid Sam has caught into barrels.

Timing is everything. Keep an eye on the liquid barrels on the conveyor belts. You can only have 3 drops of liquid in Sam's liquid reservoir so keep it empty if you can. You can only dump liquid when a liquid barrel is docked at one of the two liquid loading stations. A green light signals when it is safe to dump the chemicals.

The aim of the game is to compete with friends for the highest score, but be careful because the pressure is constantly rising increasing the speed at which the liquid is leaked from the pipes.

The game requires an internet connection to connect to Google Services for it's Leaderboard.

We at www.raremeatgames.co.za are looking forward to your feedback.
We hope you enjoy our debut release and look forward to a long, fun filled journey.