[GAME] [FREE] Saving Clukkles the Chicken (A very silly and fun game)

How Hard is the Game?

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Mar 10, 2014
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Hello Everyone! So I just finished making a fun (and very hard) little game that involves you saving Clukkles the Chicken by helping him dodge the falling boulders. I am pretty new to Android development and game development in general, so I am looking for some feedback on this game so I can improve it in future versions (and for future projects).

So if you are willing to spare/waste a few minutes of your life, help me out by playing it for a bit and telling me about what you think of it and maybe even share it with friends. <3
Thank you everyone for your time!

Things I am interested in hearing about:

- Fun-ness (I think it's pretty fun, but then again, I'm the creator so I'm probably biased)
- Difficulty (Right now, it's pretty soul crushing hard, my personal best is around 18; people who tested it averaged around 10)
- Controls (Is it too sluggish? Too fast? Just about right?)
- Additional Features
- Anything else you can think of <3


Some Screenshots: