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Jan 31, 2017
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Download https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...s/details?id=com.vaddev.tetras&token=0u4NhXex

For your attention is a completely new implementation of the classic game, in which the role of the owner of probability you take it! Satisfaction of internal perfectionist, the pleasure of the workflow definition, flawless tactics generated even during long hours of training in classic puzzle block gamed, the delight of his own intelligence and vision - it's newly invented game "TETRAs"!
But make no mistake: is not so easy to keep the title of the bright player. "TETRAs" - not just being able to decide the fate of the playing field; it is a never-ending series of obstacles and complications, to overcome which is necessary to calculate several moves ahead, choose the best of all possible, observe and analyze, calculate and check the risk and dare the most seemed crazy solutions. In addition, you need to watch out for clarity finger movements as the smallest mistake can cost you the whole game. It's not as easy as you think!

The player's goal - to clear the field, collecting horizontal lines. To draw the figures highlighted the top of the screen, the dimensions of which are 10 × 4 blocks. The main playing field has dimensions of 10 × 10. At the beginning of the game five lines of the main fields are filled at random, the average ratio of empty and filled blocks 50/50. During the game, the empty blocks are filled with the help of figures that player chooses their own. Figure falls from the top of the playing field in the ground until it comes into contact with the filled blocks. Depending on the fullness of the main field, after a number of moves added to the bottom line is filled with random, which raises the entire existing structure of one unit vertically. A player loses when at least one unit beyond the boundary of the main field.

Key Features:
- great entertaining game;
- amazing time-killer;
- modern design in the style of minimalism;
- catchy sound effects and music;
- easy controls;
- great guide;
- «quick restart» button;
- optimized for all mobiles.

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