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Jan 10, 2013
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Title pretty much says it...

I'm currently using a iphone 4 (yes not a 4s) and i'm content with it for the most part.. it is jailbroken so that i can tweak it.. turn stuff on and off from notification center and such.. But it seams like the jailbreaking scene in general is dieing for the iphone.. Heres a brief history of my phones..

few non-smart phones
At&t Tilt (running windows mobile 6?) it was ok.. very few apps and such.. but its GPS was GREAT
iphone 4gig 1st gen (it was used and got it for $150) was pretty happy with it coming from the Tilt
Iphone 3g 8gig again was fairly happy with it.. was jailbroke first day i have it (got it used also)
Samsung Captivate (got it day 1 of release) Kept it for about 1 1/2 years and after the first few months i started hating it (i'll elaborate in a minute)
Iphone 4 (current phone)

I am by no means a apple fan boy... in fact i dont like apple.. i like there devices but dont like the company.. anyways the reason i went from the Captivate back to the iphone is. I was due for a upgrade and was HATING my Craptivate i was getting poor battery life (as in i listen to audio books and such at work FROM the phone not streaming and was having to swap batterys after about 5 hours.. and thats ONLY using the phone to play the mp3s and check the time very 30 minutes or so) random freezes to the point that at least once a day i would have to pull the battery to reset it the capacitive buttons SUCKED would have to hit them 10-20 times for it to read once some times.. random system hangs.. reguardless of that i was doing. and then there was the lack of official support from samsung..when i finally ditched they they still hadn't updated the firmware once and it was at that point 2-3 major updates behind.. So i had a decision to make get a new android or iphone.. my wife was also due for a upgrade.. and she had a iphone 4.. so i upgraded her to the 4s and took over the 4 to see if i wanted to go back to iOS or get the best android i could at the time (and that was the galaxy nexus S) and after about a month there was still a few things i missed about android but the iphone was working well battery life is good (i can stream pandora at work for 7 hours a day and still come home with 20%+ even to day i streamed about 1 1/2 hours browsed the web some and watched roughly 2 hours of videos (stored on the device) and its still sitting at 38%..thats after about 15 hours off the charger.. some days a better then others.. there have been a few times i've come home with less then 5% but not often.. So i've stayed with the iphone 4 up until now.. and i would like to get a new device.. everyone i know either has a iphone 4s or a iphone 5.. but i dont think i could handle a iphone non-jailbroke.. and i know for the most part the stuff i jailbreak for is either stock on android or you just download from google play.. not ever requiring root

Wow.. I really rambled there.. long story short.. well its not short.. just look at what i typed!! its not short..I think i'm gonna give android another try.. i always told me self if i was going to i would be the google phone so that its supported the longest... but i cant really afford $350 right now and i can get the sgs3 for $140 but i know the sgs3 has been out a while and i'm afraid as soon as i get it there are gonna come out with something better.. and i'm not really up on whats coming out so i dont know if i should just wait a month or so and then upgrade or now..

I know the sgs3 is gonna blow my iphone 4 out of the water.. but i dont want to buy something right before its be obsolete by the next great thing...

(btw anyone here a heavy pandora user that can give me a idea about battery life?)


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May 17, 2012
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There is always something better coming around the corner. The GS4 is rumored to be released mid-spring in the US and will probably price at $199 for two years for 16 GB, hoping for a 32 GB at $249. If you can't wait, the GS3 is definitely a great choice even after the GS4 is released. The GS3 has a great many features that blow the i5 away. I transitioned from a BB 9810 last June and have never regretted it. My only wish is that the carrier releases an OS update at the same time as Google.

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Oct 22, 2012
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After 3+ years with iPhones, I switched from an iPhone 3GS? to the GS3 ? and after three months, the GS3 still feels like an awkward phone to me. There's several things I do like about the GS3, as well as things I don't. Nevertheless, if I were in your shoes . . . I would wait.


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Jul 2, 2012
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I say take the plunge with the GS3, there;s always something better around the corner if you are willing to wait 6 months. However you can get a GS3 cheaper today than when it came out and the GS4 will probably cost more.


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Jun 24, 2012
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I'm never an advocate of waiting around because if you wait around you'll never own anything. However with Mobile World Congress coming up soon I'd probably wait. However, if you want an excellent phone, but don't have to be on the bleeding edge, then I'd recommend the S3 without a doubt.

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