getting past the"allow uknown soruces" problem for free, no root


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May 25, 2011
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hey this is my first post on this **** and currently i am in school lol, when i got this phone it blew me away within the first 20 seconds of having it, after a few days i figured out that you were missing the allow unkown sources option in your settings, without this option you are not allowed to install 3rd party apps like set cpu and paid apps for free. after searching the market place for hours i cam across some apps that were intended for root users only, but app i found, called "root toolbox" stuck out to me. in the description it said dont get uness your rooted but i ignored that, when i looked at the app there was crazy **** inside of it. sense my phone is still currently stuck in a boot loop i cant explan every process down to the letter but you will be able to get the gist of it. what you have to do is read through what it says on the main menu of it and look for a way to get into settings about your fone from there. then if you you find stuff look for something called lg hidden menu, once in there look around and you should eventualy find the set up of the settings like in your fone, it would say **** like usb debuging and development mode, the only difference that should come up would be allow unkown sources. click it and then you will be aloud to add stuff from 3rd party websites such as 4shared. 4shared is where you will be getting most paid apps for free, you just type in the name of the app you want and put .apk at the end of it. the other thing is once you are aloud to use unkown sources you can root your fone effortlessly, all you would have to do is download gingerbreak on your fone then install it, what that does is let you have root privledges. once you have root privledges you can uses apps such as set cpu, which will let you overclock or underclock your fone to change its preformance. underclocking would be setting the cpu lower to make it run slower but be able to charge faster, overclocking it makes it work faster and gives you better preformance. well im pretty sick of typing this **** so i guess this is the end of my first thread. if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me, if i cant help you my friend can,

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