Getting phone to Recognize ringtones/notifications - crash


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May 28, 2011
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I just picked up an S 4 on verizon and love it so far (had a G-Nex) Two quick issues:

I have my old ringtones/notifications saved in my skydrive which I downloaded to the new phone. I moved them to the "notifications" and "ringtones" folder in my phone (they download to a skydrive folder on the phone at first). I figured once doing so, the phone would recognize all of the notifications and ringtones-it did not. I actually have to select the notification/ringtone, set it as my current selection, and THEN it come up in the media system menu when selecting ringtones and notifs. Is there a better folder I should move them to that they will all be recognized instantly?

Also, in going painstakingly through each one, I noticed that two when I went to go into the "media storage" to choose the ringtone, I got an error message - the process (or something close to that) has stopped. I couldnt get it back working until I found a similar issue where you have to clear the cache and data for that process and restart the phone-then it works fine. Its a minor gripe but slightly annoying-just a quirk with the phone or should I be concerned?

thanks in advance for help.

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