Getting Ready for Kit Kat - SD card delimma


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Aug 15, 2011
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I have two Samsung devices (Note 10.1 and Galaxy S4-Verizon edition) that are slated for KitKat. I realize that this could be anytime in the next YEAR before this happens, so lets not talk about timing :). I also rely quite a bit on the SD card, mostly because the S4 is a 16gb phone. I have 32 on the Tablet, so that's not really as big an issue. But I am now needing to do some reorganization so I'm wanting to do it in a "kitkat friendly" way now so I won't get bitten when the updates do occur. Here are some facts that I expect will give me headaches:

1. I currently use Foldersync through Dropbox (personal) and Box (work) to keep two computers and both devices in sync. I understand that the devices will probably kick Foldersync out of the ability to write to the SD card except to its own little hole in the world..which then would mean that the files that foldersync is moving would not be able to update those files. The most critical is LectureNotes. It has a small footprint, so I suppose that the best solution is to just move my notes to internal memory. I can probably spare the internal space on the phone for Lecture Notes. As I understand it, the restrictions do not apply to the internal emulated SD storage correct?

2. I have quite a few PDF files that I am now trying to get organized and moved to a place where they can be synced between devices. I can not afford the space to store them internally on the phone. The reason they would need to be synced is because of annotations. If I use ezPDF to annotate them, I want those annotations synchronized with the other devices. My guess is there is no way to do this now?

3. I have two different Office programs: Polaris Office (came with the tablet and phone), and OfficeSuite Pro. Each has their own good and bad so I have been known to use both. Since Polaris came with the tablet, does that mean it is not corralled by the new Kit Kat restrictions? If so, I presume Office docs can be managed by OfficeSuite, but Polaris would still be able to manipulate them? There is also the FolderSync issue here. Office documents have the potential of needing too much of the precious 16gb on the phone. I am more selective about what goes on the phone. But still it could become a problem.

4. While many of the places I work with my tablet and phone now have wifi, and I have unlimited data on the phone, internet access, thus the cloud, is by no means ubiquitous yet. So just leaving everything on the cloud and expecting it to be available on demand is not yet an option and will not be for some time.

As I see it, my options are:
1. Significantly adjust the approach to the items above.
2. Root.
3. Don't take the update.

None of the three options appeal to me, but since I am needing to do some reorganization anyway, I will prepare for #1. So, my questions are:

1. How has anyone else dealt with this?
2. Is there anyone out there that has followed this style and gone through this transition? How did you approach/adjust?
3. Any other tips/suggestions related to reorganizing, particularly in light of kit kat restrictions?