Glass like screen protector recommeations available?


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Sep 20, 2010
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I have a zagg screen protector on s23 ultra. But they always seem kind of sticky to me and supposed to be self healing but i always get deep indents that don't go away. If there a more glad like protector out there? If so recommendations.
I do know i can get replacement screens for free with zagg. But i have to pay shipping each time and that's 7 bucks. And if i mess up install or get dust particles gotta pay again.

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Aug 3, 2016
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Re: Glass like screen protector

The most popular and possibly most widely used is the WhiteStone Dome Glass screen protector. There are a few others, similar on Amazon. It's a full liquid adhesive. Some others have only an edge adhesive, and there are even some that have a cutout for where the FPS is located.

Ever since I found WSD Glass, I've always used them, starting with the Note 8, N10+, and N20U, and now my S23U. I just love the feeling of the glass, as if there isn't any protector at all.

WSD also sells a flexible (I believe non-glass) protector that has a similar feel to Glass.

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Mar 16, 2011
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Got my S23 on prerelease day. Within half hour of receiving it I had an Amfilm screen installed, based on suggestions from this forum. After a day or two the adhesive around the edges started looking ratty (like it was releasing around the edges.) After a week or so it lifted in a corner so I put the second Amfilm on... ...long story short, I now have a Whitestone Dome installed on it. The WSD still looks clean around the edges after about a week.

The Amfilm registered fingerprints ok, but the WSD seems to be even better. Lastly, there's some weird waviness around the fingerprint reader area on the Amfilm that a guy notices when held at a certain angle in the light (but can'tbe noticed when using the phone.) WSD has no such waviness.

Both Amfilm and WSD feel just like the native glass on a naked phone.

Be aware that the install process is multi-step, and more involved than a regular "peel-and-stick" screen protector. Best to watch each manufacturer's install video on their respective website.

Of course i will monitor, as it has only been a week with the WSD, but I wish I had gone straight to the WSD.


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Jun 6, 2010
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The only film I have ever liked is the original Samsung screen protector. I don't normally use a screen protector, but the oleophobic coating started wearing on my S22 Ultra so I picked up a 2 pack of the samsung ones on amazon for like 16 bucks. They don't last forever. If I remember correctly on the older phones where Samsung preinstalled a screen protector, it would last about 6 months before i would take it off.

Its the only one for me that doesn't feel rubbery. The S pen glides nicely on it.
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Dec 7, 2012
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If you want "glass like" rather than glass, you're probably best with the Samsung one.

Never bought or fitted one, but I've had a few devices come with one preinstalled (as every device should) and they do feel pretty nice.

I can also attest that in my experience AmFilm is perfectly fine, but the fitting process of the whitestone has been much nicer.


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Feb 22, 2015
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As others have said, Whitestone Dome

Fits perfectly; screen protector friendly and easy to fit, just follow the instructions step by step on one of the many YT videos 👍🏼

I fit mine on Friday as soon as I removed the phone out of the box; so it was absolutely spotless and dust free; but the kits come with a full cleaning kit as you'd expect


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Aug 21, 2014
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Samsung plastic screen protector is the best non glass in my experience. I used the Spigen NeoFlex before on my S22U, N20U and N8 previously.

Took a few photos just now. I've had the screen on since first day received phone pre-order. Had the phone since February and pocket carry my phone daily and you can see after light wipe… no build up of dust stuck on edges. No lifting on the sides. Crystal clear, so thin you barely notice and has a smooth glass like feel compared to the slight softer feel of the Spigen. For the price it’s worth trying.

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