Gmail app search not working


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Jun 12, 2022
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Hi everyone!

My gmail app's search function is seemingly only including a small subset of all available emails. It also seems somewhat inconsistent in what search terms will actually find an email that I know is "searchable".

I have a OnePlus8 Pro running android 12 (Swedish language). I have connected several email accounts, but the problematic one is IMAP ( My gmail and exchange accounts seem to be properly searchable (but haven't verified if it's 100%).

I will give some examples with pictures of what searches are not working:
As seen in the images, in my inbox I have some emails from Jakob and Anna. When searching for "Jakob" i don't get any search results. However when searching for "efternamn" which is included in the title of the email to Jakob, that email is found by the search.

I also have images of a non-inbox folder where we have more emails from the same Anna as in my inbox as well as from Lars. The search however is only able to find the one email from Anna in the inbox when searching for her. Furthermore the search cannot find anything from Lars.

I have tried removing and re-adding the email account without success. I have also tried removing all the cached and stored data for the gmail app.

Any ideas for how I can further debug this issue is greatly appreciated!


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Dec 17, 2009
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I have the same experience, and am not sure if it's me or the app. I know there should be more/better results when searching the app. Sure enough, when I do the same search on a computer, everything I expect shows up.

I hope someone has an answer.