Gmail mobile app's account Avatar blanked out missing picture


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Oct 17, 2021
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I was using a Motorola Moto Z3 Android pie (9.0) and my carrier is Verizon. I used the stock Gmail (red/white) app with my Google account email automatically being on there from set up Plus I added my Verizon:s email address to the Gmail app and it always worked perfectly fine.

Now I wish I could include a screenshot of this but I don't see the function here but anyway,the little round email account avatar for the Gmail account was a fine and showing the picture of whatever I uploaded to my Gmail account originally,and the Verizon one was just a basic round colored one with an 'M' for my name as It just looks like a generic contact avatar and this is fine,it always worked /appeared fine but then it just turned into a dark blank circle with No 'M' like it's supposed too and just like it is in my contacts and it never changed back no matter what I did. It's just annoying because It should be at least syncing with contacts but the picture just won't go back to normal. I'm using a OnePlus now and I love it but still had no affect on thís.. I've tried everything possible no dice.

Can anyone help me with this. My email does work but this little cosmetic issue is such an annoyance because it make utterly no logical sense as to why this avatar is t showing in the app as it always was.

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