Gmail Ringtone Notification that Won't Deactivate


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Sep 14, 2009
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My wife recently got another Gnex after losing the previous one. Neither one has had any of the major issues reported here, thankfully.

However, every time I send her an e-mail, the "Girtab" ringtone sounds. I have gone into the Gmail settings and verified that "Ringtone & vibrate" is set to Ringtone=Silent and Vibrate=Never. However, "Show email notifications" is checked. Priority Inbox is off.

Yet that annoying sounds emanates from the phone when i send her an e-mail. It doesn't sound when she gets other emails. What's weirder is that last night I sent her a web URL from my Gmail and her phone started sounding off "Girtab". On the phone you can briefly see two notification envelopes, and the notification loops so it sounds like the phone is ringing.

I can't figure it out. On her previous phone, G2, she had an app called "Gmail Notifier" installed so I made sure that didn't carry over from Google Play and could be causing dual notifications. But it's not on her insatlled app list.

I'm about to just reset, but wondering if anyone has an idea what else could be causing a notification in Gmail despite notifications being off.