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I haven't received or sent emails to Gmail (the standard Google account-based inbox, without something third-party) on my Android 9 Galaxy A8 for over two weeks, auto-syncing twice a day, at 1:11 and 1:53 pm. But this morning, I went to Google Files (it has access to the phone usage statistics and can check when a particular app last worked) and found a "one minute ago" status next to Gmail. And this is despite the fact that I haven't opened this app for a long time, all the permissions for it (calendar, contacts, memory) are revoked, there are no incoming emails, and the sync is still a few hours away. Later Gmail "popped up" ("just now" or "N minutes ago) a few more times at different intervals until the syncing was done - from that moment and until the evening everything was fine ("N hours ago"). But the next morning the same situation - random flashes before the synchronization. Does anyone know what this could be related to? Again, all permissions for Gmail are revoked, syncing is normal, no third-party apps have access to my account, no suspicious activity or other devices noticed. I also have all kinds of backups disabled, but Google Drive also has cached processes in RAM sometimes in the morning. Could it be a result of some processes from Google Play Services, or a Trojan, virus? Antivirus programs don't find anything. I use only WiFi.
Please help! Thank you in advance.