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Mar 16, 2010
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Has anyone successfully used the Gmote app?

For those who don't know, Gmote is an app you install on your phone that combines with a Gmote server app you install on your desktop or laptop. Using your local WiFi network connection, it allows you to either play your media on your computer using the Gmote app on your phone as a remote control to browse media, play, adjust volume, etc. It supports video, audio, jpeg, and PDF files. Maybe more. If you just want to use your computer as a server, you also have the option to view/play the media on your Android phone. This feature is still being developed, and not all files are supported when you're trying to play them on your phone.

Anyway, I installed it on my Ubuntu 9.10 (Linux) box and have been experimenting with it. I tend to watch a lot of tutorials, etc, on my computer, so being able to control it from across the room would be really great.

So far, I"m finding that the browsing interface works great. For displaying jpegs, no problem, either with playing them on the computer using the computer as a remote or viewing them on the phone.

Video on the phone is pretty lame, because the tutorials ( are .mov files, which won't play, and even the ones that are supported are just too large to conveniently stream or download over my wifi network.

Video on the computer is about 25% successful. I can launch a single movie, which plays using VLC, and it plays just fine on the computer in full screen mode. However, when I end that video and try to launch another, I get audio only with a black screen. Haven't figured out why that happens yet.

So, has anyone else been experimenting with this app/server combo? If so, could you share your findings? I really want to know

1) Is this app safe/secure? One of the reasons I now use Linux is that it's inherently more secure than some other OSs, and I don't like running anything on the computer that opens up a port.

2) If you're running Linux, and hopefully Ubuntu, have you found any tips or tricks to improve the experience? Mostly I'm thinking about the videos that won't play on the computer, or play audio only. I'm sure there's some VLC or Gnome setting somewhere that will solve this problem, but I have no idea where to look.

3) Are there other similar apps out there? If you know of any, please please please post them as I want to explore more about interfacing my phone with my computer.

Thanks for your contributions, ideas, and comments :)


Dec 7, 2009
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I well. Although I just used it on my computer, in my next place I hope to set things up so that my network drive can play things on the tv. We'll see if that ever happens-- though the house is amazing and I got it at a freaking low price, it still need TLC.... Love costs money, especially with houses!

As for secure-- no idea! I'm using a Winxp machine and streaming video and music etc off of an attached network drive on my wireless system, which is encrypted but is accessed through gmote on my PC.

I have no yet found anything too big to stream.

Does that help? I doubt it-- you sound like you're looking for more advanced info than I'd be able to give.

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