Going back to searching for stuff, it's weird.


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Nov 26, 2009
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With all this Android action going on I've been crawling over websites, links, searches, and forum searches trying to get info on stuff.

For example, I'm wanting info on whether or not Smule is going to get us an "I am T Pain" app, and what sucks is that I found the horse's mouth so to speak, and it's "No Android for Smule" simplistically.

On this HTC Sense UI for Droid, I've gone so far as to finding the two dudes doing it, HumanCyborg and RonDutt and I'm following them on twitter getting the latest info. Unfortunately it just hasn't been done yet and they are the two guys at the head of the pack doing it.

Or the whole apps on SD card thing. I shot a few emails out directly to the framework engineers working on it after having tracked down their comments and now I'm in direct conversation with them on what the current news is on it.

What keeps occurring to me is this: remember the good ol days a couple years ago where if you googled it enough you found the answer you wanted? I'm losing my tech-apathy I guess. I use to not care about this sort of stuff, really.

I guess I'm just trying to get to where the puck is going before it gets there. It's a curse.


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Jan 20, 2010
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It's probably a bit of OCDGeek Syndrome! A lot of the hobbies I've had in the past I've always tried to keep up on the latest and greatest stuff and info. 10 years ago, there certainly was internet, but it didn't exist like it does today. High end audio equipment was a hobby of mine for a while, and I subscribed to a print monthly magazine. Now, with "rumors" being taken as news worthy posting information, a magazine coming out a month later could NEVER keep up. Blackberry users talk about the addiction and the "crack"berry--but really, we're just people who eat up information as quickly as possible and a blackberry was (of yesteryear) the way to get that information.

I heard an interview with Trent Reznor on NPR last summer. He talked about how 10-15 years ago, you'd buy a CD and listen to it a bunch of times and flip through the artwork and stuff. Now, we download a few MP3's listen a couple times and we're done. We're not falling in love with those things cause we're so inundated with news via facebook, twitter, blogs, (does myspace still exist?!?) and forum sites.

Don't try and keep up man, you'll go crazy :D
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Jan 6, 2010
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I'm with you on losing my "tech-apathy"! This is the first time I have ever needed a Forum to work my own phone or anything else. I find myself reading for hours over what to do and how to do it. Ive even had to use Wikipedia to research the acronyms or lingo used here because i'm so unfamiliar. But I find it all facinating and want to learn as much as there is to know as fast as it's available. New obsession...great! Just what I needed.

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